Less Opportunity for Advanced Coursework in Schools Serving Black or Hispanic Students, High Free/Reduced-Price Lunch Populations

recent blog post from the US Government Accountability Office presents data today on which courses are being offered by schools serving majority Black or Hispanic students and schools serving majority free/reduced-price lunch beneficiaries. Among other things, it shows that only 32% of charter schools serving “high-poverty and 75 to 100 percent Black or Hispanic” students are offering AP courses, during the 2011-2012 school year. 

The article is about a 3 minute read. 


Hiring Atlanta Teachers: KIPP Metro Atlanta

The Knowledge is Power Program (K.I.P.P.) collective of schools is hiring teachers in the Metro Atlanta region. 

Anyone interested in teaching with KIPP Metro Atlanta (K-12, various content areas) or interested in referring a great teacher can access KIPP's candidate form here , or visit: .

More information about KIPP Metro Atlanta can be found on the website: .


Close out the New Year by Empowering your Resume

The end of 2016 is upon us, and if you are thinking about "close out" items, you should consider easy and quick "tweaks" to your resume. One way to punch-up or empower your resume is by adding strong and distinctive verbiage to your descriptions of work. We share another resource with you, this article published on, containing "75 Action Verbs to Enhance Your Resume". Take a quick look and consider adding one or four of them to your own resume.

Happy editing!

(This post follows our previous posts on "If You are Serious About Putting Your Resume Together"and "An Example of An Awesome Resume".)

Law Admissions Workshop Series - Registration Required

Interested in law school? Admissions deans will be facilitating workshops this SUMMER and FALL for prospective applicants. Information topics will include legal education, the legal profession, and preparing for the process of applying to law school. The events will be held in Atlanta (fall), LA, Chicago, DC, NYC, Silicon Valley on the dates, times, and places indicated below.

Here's the list of participating schools:
University of California, Berkeley School of Law
The University of Chicago Law School
Columbia Law School
Cornell Law School
Duke University School of Law
Georgetown University Law Center
Harvard Law School
The University of Michigan Law School
New York University School of Law
Northwestern University School of Law
University of Pennsylvania Law School
Stanford Law School
University of Virginia School of Law
Yale Law School

Additional details after the break.